A Quick two day accounting course in Montreal, taught by Frank McInnis CPA, CA, oriented towards individuals with no prior accounting background

It is for the owner-manager that needs to know how the assets of his company are doing.

It’s for the secretary who’s boss wants her to take on more work areas.

It’s for the accounts receivable and payable clerks who want to know what goes on beyond their departments.

It’s for lenders who need to analyse financial statements in order grant loans.

It’s for investors who wish to make the right decision as to which company to invest in.

It’s for salesmen who must give input on budgeting.

It’s for anybody in management who ends up in a meeting where financial information is being discussed.

It is a structured program that teaches students a double entry system used for recording and reporting financial information.

Accounting courses are given either as quick practical courses or as longer term series of courses. (such as in university) 

Courses can be taken “on campus” at colleges or universities or

“off campus” in private settings such as given by Accounting Courses Montreal.

Typically in the fall or winter semesters day or night at a college or university, or

Given throughout the year on two successive Saturdays at Accounting Courses Montreal.

Because accounting is difficult to learn on your own. Many people learn on the job but there are always doubts. What is needed is a structured course given by an experienced educator to fill in the blanks. Ideally the instructor gives immediate feedback and relates practical examples used by companies here in Montreal.

Accounting Courses Montreal provides a two-day comprehensive course given by chartered professional accountant, Frank McInnis CPA, CA who has been teaching accounting and bookkeeping courses at the collegial level and to small business owners for over 30 years.

In a small class of students (i.e. 5 to 6 students) with no prior accounting knowledge, operating in a workshop format, students produce the required reports using their own laptops.  Source documents provided are input into a general ledger using Excel workbooks. Financial statements are then produced together with the necessary sales tax (GST QST) and payroll reports. Finally some financial analysis is done.

The course costs $195.00 plus tax and is paid at the first class. Students are sent an invoice by email before attending the first class. The only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

See what our students say

As a business entrepreneur in construction I took the course to help me answer my government filing needs but also to allow me to control costs in my business. Frank has an extensive backgroung in accounting and in training small business and it shows. He has a creative way of presenting the concepts and ideas in a way that I could remember. As he says he is not trying to build the entire house in two days, but if he can build the frame the rest can be added after.
Anthony Manna
Business Entrepreneur
I was a graduate in accounting in my native Germany. I took the course to learn local rules and regulations of Quebec and more particularly Monteal. Frank is an easygoing teacher who covers alot in two days and makes it look so easy. I now run a bookkeeping firm and refer new staff to Frank for training in bookkeeping.
Katrin Boitkin
Graduate in Accounting
I travel abroad to work on development projects in areas like Africa. I have my own corporation and wanted to know more about how to keep GST QST, payroll and file my financial reports. Frank is so patient and makes us think by interweaving real business stories with the accounting concepts.
Epitace Nobera
CEO Own Corporation

Frank McInnis

Professional Experience

Financial Security Advisor

Managing Partner Robitaille McInnis C.A.

Auditor Thorne Riddell Chartered Accountants

Business Instructor Gilmore College

Certificates from

Ordre of Chartered Professional Accountants Quebec

Certified Management Accountants Quebec

Graduate Diploma in Accountancy McGill University

Bachelor of Commerce McGill University

Frank McInnis

In the course the progression of learning is as follows, we cover all these areas in the course:

First we learn accounting theory:

  • What is an asset, liability, capital, revenue, expenses
  • What is a transaction?
  • Business law behind contracts
  • Legal  forms of organization, le sole proprietorship, corporation

Then using Microsoft Excel we:

  • Use a double entry system for recording transactions
  • source documents are recorded in journals:
  • petty cash journals        
  • payroll journal 
  • general journal entries
  • bank reconciliations are done
  • all journals are then posted to general ledger:
  • And then summarized in a trial balance               
  • adjustments to trial balance are done
  • then the t/b financial data is reported in:           
  • financial statements
  • GST QST reports             
  • Payroll reporting            
  • And we finally do financial analysis ratios

This is a serious course and will give to you the basics of Accounting; it will help you to improve in your work or in your business.

To make it work the only thing you have to do is make a small investment in time (two Saturdays, 6 hours each) effort and commitment, with the material of the course and the home work, $ 195.00 which is really very low for a course like this one. 

The Classes are very personalized and that is why we accept only 5 to 6 persons per course, and it fills very fast.

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