Accounting Courses in Montreal

A quick two day accounting Course

Course Syllabus

Instructor: Frank McInnis CPA,CA

Prerequisite: Knowledge of Microsoft Excel and Laptop computer

Course Rational

The course is designed firstly to provide a framework upon which students learn the essential accounting terms, elements and principles and can therefore use this knowledge to build upon in their daily accounting work.

The second objective of the course is to provide the student with a basic system to maintain a set of books for a small business. Practical applications such as recording petty cash, recording car allowances and posting to the general ledger are covered.  As well reporting requirements such as completion of GST / PST reports, payroll calculations and forms  and financial statement preparation are dealt with.


The course is run in a lecture-lab format in which the instructor interacts with small groups discussing and explaining terms and principles as well as hands on source document entry into the general ledger, trial balance and financial statements.

The course is comprised of two six hour days of instruction together with a take home assignment

which students must complete.

Course Topics

The course covers the following topics:

Module 1 (Day 1)

1. Theory – Specifically key accounting elements, sources and uses of assets, some business law.

2. Transaction recording in a double entry form using Microsoft Excel for a sample new business’s first month of operations.

Home Study

3. Home study consisting of completing a month’s transactions of the sample company as a way of solidifying principles and methods and provoking questions.

Module 2 (Day 2)

4. Review of accounting theory

5. Review of second month study and completion of second month.

6. Recording 3rd month transactions, preparation of GST / PST reports.

7. Calculation of payroll deductions, posting to payroll journal and government form reports.

8. Recording adjusting entries in a working trial balance and producing a balance sheet and income statement.

9. Review of financial analysis ratios.


The course consists of  2 days of instruction, 12 hours in class and about 4 hours homework. Two breaks of 15 minutes are provided in each module. Students are advised to

bring quick small snacks.

Fee: $195 plus tax payable at first class, cash or personal cheque.